Ok, I get it: you're a company that sells yarn so you provide free 'patterns' so people will buy your yarn. No, really - I understand.

But, this. This is just wrong. I mean, how lazy have you become? And do you really think the people buying your yarn are that stupid?

This 'pattern' literally tells you to tie two hanks of yarn together, wrap them around your neck, and call it a necklace.

Remove labels from 2 hanks of Glace. Carefully untie the knotted end of 1 hank and untwist. Disturbing yarn as little as possible, thread the end of the untwisted hank through looped end of second hank until first hank is halfway through. Retwist first hank and retie ends. To fasten around neck, position joined centers of hanks in front and sl opened book ring through all 4 looped ends of both hanks at back, closing ring.

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