The family that wears matching sweaters together ... looks ... really stiff and uncomfortable ... together.

Oui, Oui

Je suis classy, non?


This is a trend that clearly transcends eras though I have no clue why.

Because sometimes a girl just really wants to look like a snowball.


World's Fugliest Pants



Princess Leia and the Pullovers

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A Bear ...

... Fuzzy Wuzzy Had No Hair - because this bitch stole it.

A Bobble Fugstravaganza!



More in the latest bathmat fashions.


Fug Bags


Yee Haw!

That's right, vermin. Let this be a warnin' to ya. If ah sees y'all messin' 'round these parts, you'll end up right here on this sweater with the rest of 'em.

(OMG is that fucking Pocahontas in the background?!)

The Age-Appropriate Series

Quiz #3:

Circle the sweater that is age-appropriate.


The Age-Appropriate Series

Quiz #2:

Circle the hat that is age-appropriate.

(Yes, both are super fugly. Humor me.)

Linebacker Fashions

The 80s don't get any bigger than this.

This atrocity is being sold on eBay. Rather, the pattern for this atrocity is being sold on eBay. That's right. Someone out there is demanding $3.99 just to get a piece of paper that tells you how to make something that shouldn't have been created in the first place. So that's $3.99 plus all the fugly yarn you'd have to buy plus your precious time and effort that would be put into making this. Some things I'll just never understand...

The New Fun Fur

Alright, that's it. My hatred of bobbles is quickly surpassing my hatred of novelty yarns. Don't get me wrong, I've actually knitted bobbles before. But they were subtle and fitting. I can't handle this kind of bobble abuse. I just can't.

Yet another gem from the folks at Berroco. It looks like wilted lettuce. Or kelp. Certainly not anything that should go around your neck.



Then And Now

Have we learned nothing from the past?


Dumb Designs

So ... what happens when it comes untied?

Die, Fun Fur, Die.

Some day you'll find me curled up in the fetal position in the corner of a room rocking back and forth, softly crying to myself. And this will be the reason why:


Lap Robes?

What happened to blankets?


Cute Fug Of The Month

I feel sorry for the cat, but DAMN that's cute!

"Unhand me, knave. I shall wear my merry outfit evermore!"

One Two Three Fug

What Are They Being Punished For?

What could these children possibly have done to deserve this? Just look at that multi-colored thing with the green collar. Is this Hell for toddlers? Is this what happens to little girls and boys who don't share their toys or eat their vegetables? It's Red Heart too so all of that stuff is made with their horrible, itchy acrylic yarn. Yuck.


Did someone forget her pants today?

More Lessons In Dryer Lint Knitting