Oh God This Is So Ugly

My eyes are bleeding.

I'm getting a sugar rush just looking at this.


"Oh - hi, Rose! Come on in. We're just chillaxin. With our football player."


Julie Andrews?

Is that you?

'Nuf Said

Reader comment:

She's anti-...nothing?
A non-activist?
I don't get it.


Most amazing bangs, ever.


That kid clearly does not want to be wearing this thing.

Another Way To Shill Yarn

Here's yet another gem from the folks at Berroco.

Birch is a quick and easy vase project, made by simply wrapping a glass container with yarn.
Because you really need instructions on how to wrap a bottle with yarn. And because you really need a fucking bottle wrapped in yarn. And for those who are truly intrigued by this "project" they've included a close up:

So you don't have to hurt your brain trying to imagine what yarn wrapped around a bottle looks like.