Hot Mess of the Week

Is that... what? A naked woman walking into a pond to take a bath? Really? Am I really looking at knit butt cheeks? This is definitely a first for me.


Still Not Working

Nope, the Mona Lisa won't help either. You're still wearing a hideous sweater.


Even Art Can't Save You

Yeah, put Michelangelo's David on an ugly over-sized knit sweater... that will totally class it up.


Hot Mess of the Week

For this week's Hot Mess we're dipping into the archives.


Really Bad Idea

This comes from a book of knitting patterns for "real women." You know, women who actually have curves like we're supposed to. Somehow this cow-print tank just doesn't seem appropriate here. The model was probably like, "WTF? Seriously? You guys are assholes..."



What? What is going on here? Is that a man-brooch in the shape of cowboy boots? I'm so confused!


Hot Mess of the Week

Meet Pocafugas. Every single thing about this hot mess is so wrong.


More Cuteness

Not the stripped belted onesie thing. But the kids. Especially the one with the hat and tiny little blue pants. I want to make them all sack lunches, take them to the park, and watch them play with puppies.


How to Make Your Child Hate You

These outfits are fugly as sin but these kids are so freaking adorable. The ones holding hands? So. Cute.


Hot Mess of the Week

Introducing the first Hot Mess of the Week for 2009! Every week we'll showcase one super hot mess and at the end of the month you'll get to vote for the hottest hot mess.