Kelp Flops

"What a fun, funky way to use up any leftover Crystal Palace 'Splash' yarn you have" and look like you walked into the ocean with normal flip flops and came out with sea gunk all over them.


CA02RF Knit Pattern Rabbit Fur Balls Scarf = Beige

That's the title of the eBay listing. If that's not enough to send you scrambling for your credit card:

No? Still not sold?

I don't understand. Why aren't you buying this right now? Do you know what it's made of? Well, besides fur balls. "Acrylic and Cotton Blended (Cashmere Feel)" It feels like it's made of bunny fur! And it has bunny tails on it. You need this.


Scary Scarf

Sorry about the image, this was the best I could get. What a bobble mess. It looks like some creepy arachnid laid eggs all over this scarf. I get grossed out just looking at this thing.


In Case You Were Wondering...

What Not To Stuff Your Loved Ones' Stockings With This Year,

Let me introduce:


The Age-Appropriate Series

Quiz #4:

Circle the sweater that is age-appropriate.


World's Most Versatile Scarf

Wow! Look at the many different ways you can wear this scarf. Over your shoulders, over your head, OR over your head!

(Silver head beads sold separately.)


OMG, Her Dress Totally Needs Proactiv

When the first thing that comes to mind is "acne" ... it's time to re-think your pattern choice.

(Baby bobbles, argh!)

Best worn with this hat found over at You Knit What - Part 2:

Long Time, No Post

But, I'm back with lots more fuggery and knit messes. Like this:

Shouldn't a hat cover your ears? And, it has bobbles and a pompom. Oh, bobbles! Ok, they're actually not that bad in this case, but still. I've been emotionally scarred by bobbles and it's just kind of hard to deal with...