Dear Diary,

Tonight was the big game between Robinson (WOO! GO COUGARS!) and McDowd. At the party afterwards, Tiffany totally showed up with the exact same sweater. I had to do something. Like, really fast, you know? I couldn't put my cheerleader outfit back on because it was, you know, all grody and stuff from the game. So, I grabbed my manicure scissors and totally made this super adorable midriff. Isn't it just so cute? And then Bryan Harte totally asked me out on a date. Not Tiffany! Me! Stef! Stef Harte. Stefanie Harte. Mrs. Stefanie JoAnna Harte. Tomorrow I am so cutting off the bottom of all my sweaters. Totally.

Yours truly,
Stefanie JoAnna Harte

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Dani said...

So...her brother liked her sweater? Ick.