AHHHHHH! It’s not even knit!

Granted it does state on the Berro-crap website:
Our octopus with braided legs in Ultra Alpaca is a non-knit craft.

But, STILL! It infuriates me how many ways these companies try to shill their crappy, cheap fugly yarn by creating all these god-awful “patterns” that require the “knitter” to purchase copious amounts of expensive yarn. The Ultra Alpaca that this atrocity (ok, I’ll admit it would make a rather nice dog chew-toy) is made with goes for around $8.50 per 3.5 oz. hank! AND the “pattern” calls for two hanks. That’s at least $17 (before taxes and the decorative bits) for a fucking toy.

This yarn is a 50/50 alpaca/wool blend. It would make a handsome and super warm pair of gloves or mittens for your beloved. But, no! Berro-crap wants us to waste perfectly good yarn on a damn chew-toy.

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